Belfast - Home of Game of Thrones

Did you know that Northern Ireland is the principal film location of the epic HBO TV series Game of Thrones? The world of Game of Thrones is right at our front door!

Winterfell Castle

Located less than an hour’s drive from Maldron Hotel Belfast City, guests can explore over 20 Game of Thrones filming location hotspots on the historic demesne of Castle Ward.

When visiting Old Castle Ward guests can explore the exact replica of the Winterfell Archery Range, dress up in character costumes and even shoot medieval arrows using ancient Longbows! Other onsite activities include kayaking, canoeing, sea safari sightseeing boat trips and much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Game of Thrones Escape Rooms

Guests can step inside three Game of Thrones-inspired escape rooms and a mystery room for a 60 minute game for up to five players. Located less than a 10-minute drive from Maldron Hotel Belfast City, the Game of Thrones Escape Rooms offer exciting indoor entertainment for the whole family. Enjoying the game is easy – you don’t need any specific knowledge or skills to play.

Game of Thrones Tours

The Game of Thrones tours offers full-day coach tours to various influential locations throughout Northern Ireland. Prepare yourself for a lot of forest walking and castle exploring as you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the North. You will also be provided with Stark Cloaks, replica swords and Iron Island costumes whilst on the tour at no extra charge. These tours are a great day out for the whole family!

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